Youth Empowerment

Come, discus and build the future for you and your society. Join our intensive leadership training.


Building the future together

Young people are the leader of tomorrow in organisation and society. We should have a voice and be given responsibility – be empowered!

Every fall we offer a class in YOUTH EMPOWERMENT a course in cooperation with FDF, a Christian Youth organisation and its international networks: Boys’ Brigade, European Fellowship, Global Fellowship and Fimcap. The class is an international environment for young leaders from all over the world. Young leaders come here to share their knowledge and visions regarding their roles as young leaders at home in their own youth organisation.


The training contains classes on:

  • Intercultural learning
  • Project and activity development
  • Democracy
  • Youth leadership
  • Dilemmas and ethics in Organisations
  • Social change
  • Public speaking and communication
  • Fundraising
  • Visit to FDF camps and local groups


This is a unique opportunity to develop your skills, knowledge and experience together with like minded leaders from around the world. You bring your experience of volunteering in an organisation as do all the other participants, creating a huge potential for learning inspiring new games, methods, themes and practices for organising youth and facilitating young people in decision making processes.