Change Makers

This subject will not be part of the schedule in Autumn 2023. In the meantime we are working on renewing and reviving the concept in a sustainable new form.

Change Making is about taking action – not on your own, but together in a common pursuit to better the world one small change at a time. In the Change Makers class we will explore how each of us as inhabitants of a local as well as a global society may engage and contribute to change within global challenges such as:

  • Inequality
  • Hunger
  • Health Education
  • Poverty
  • Climate action
  • … ?

The aim of the Change Makers class is to encourage students to be active citizens and we wish to cultivate your desire to make a difference in the world – in whatever way and for whatever cause you feel passionate about.

Overcoming cultural differences
The subject Change Makers attracts both Danish students as well as students from around the world and this diversity is key to nuanced discussions on the importance of change. National and cultural differences impact the perspectives on the challenges the world is facing and the different views from young people from e.g. Nepal, France, Denmark and Palestine elevate the discussions in the classroom.

Part of being a change maker is exploring how you can work together across national and cultural differences and navigate diversity to work for a common goal. It is challenging as well as rewarding.  

Inspired by activists from all over the world with a passion for change making we will discuss how the future could look like – theoretically, philosophically and practically.

Throughout the semester we will meet with inspiring people and visit several social, cultural or religious communities to gain knowledge and inspiration from perspectives – perhaps – far from your own.

Ideas into action
The subject Change makers is your intercultural playground – a safe testing lab to explore your ideas while bettering your skill set within e.g.:

  • Project management
  • International cooperation
  • Event planning
  • Public speaking
  • Communication
  • Team building
  • Problem solving
  • Campaigning
  • Activism

You will learn the steps of project management; moving from a small idea to a big event. How do you organise, plan and distribute roles? How do you learn from your mistakes? How do you handle chaos and challenges when you are under excessive time pressure, when your friend doesn’t complete their task or when there are budget overspends? How can you use all these challenges to improve your project and address a conflict with a positive outcome?

This is where we put ideas into action testing, learning, evolving our projects as we go along. We will explore different ways of how to develop and lead projects and reflect on our challenges, failures and successes along the way.

Are any prerequisites necessary?
This subject is taught in English. You do NOT need to be fluent or perfect at speaking English – however, to make the most of your time in class it is important that you understand basic English. Other than that you just need to be brave enough to join in with your hopes, opinions and dreams of the future – and willing to challenge yourself to a new experience with like-minded youths from across the globe. If you improve your English proficiency while at it – that is just a bonus.

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Tilmeld dig

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Simon Stagis

Simon Stagis