Change Makers

Change Makers is a new flavour on our international subject menu. Classes are taught in English and attract students from all nationalities. In this class we wish to cultivate your desire to make a world of difference in your community and help you get an idea of what specific area, project or cause you would like to support.

Young people are not just leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today. Youth led social initiatives make an important difference in the world and Change Makers will equip you with a toolbox of skills, knowledge and experiences that will empower you to make positive changes in your community.

Intercultural environment
Join a group of young people from around the world who share a passion for improving their communities and contributing to the UN Global Goals. Working together as a team will provide you with advanced intercultural understanding skills. If you can work with a team of people with different values, religions and cultures, then no challenge is too big for you and you can make a impact.


Ideas into action
We will look at the process of project management, how to organise, plan and distribute roles. What happens when your project doesn’t go to plan? How do you handle the chaos and challenges when you are under excessive time pressures, when your friend doesn’t complete their task or when there are budget overspends? How can you use all these challenges to improve your project and address a conflict with a positive outcome? The Change Makers class is a testing lab and a playground of ideas for your project management skills. Here you will become an expert on how to turn your values and ideas into action.

Experiential learning
We believe in learning by doing – by working hands on with a theory and reflecting on our experiences afterwards. We will work with brainstorming theories or methods and follow them through, immersing ourselves in both small and large projects throughout the semester.

You will create projects in many forms which reflect your talents. It could be street art, viral youtube videos, board games, newspaper articles, lectures to school children, webpages, scout activities, social media campaigns, etc. … your imagination is the limit.

Change Makers Themes:

  • Transforming ideas into actions
  • Conflict transformation
  • Project management
  • Leadership skills and experience
  • Creativity in social change
  • Youth participation / Youth Empowerment
  • Networking, organisational structures and gaining influence
  • Group Dynamics and team building
  • Protest and civil rights around resistance
  • Human rights

Read more about the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.