Optional subjects

Optional subjects

The optional subjects enable you to supplement your main subjects and your Existential subjects with new knowledge and qualifications, and in this way you will get the timetable exactly as it suits you. You may choose 3 or 4 optional subjects per week. Each subject lasts for 2 or 4 lessons per week.

We will establish the optional subjects dependent on interest and capacity. Therefore, please also consider alternatives.

As an English speaking student you will be able to participate in practically all subjects on the same conditions as the other students. Do bear in mind that the majority of common activities take place in Danish with simultaneous English interpretation.


  • Sea kayaking
  • Kayak polo
  • Magasine
  • Mountain bike
  • Pottery
  • The middle East (In English)
  • Improv theater
  • Adventure race
  • Climate action (In English)
  • Sound lab
  • Volley
  • Outdoor life light
  • Swimming
  • Trail running
  • World religions (In English)
  • Beer brewing