valgfag det utilstrækkelige selv

Innovate for peace, Design against violence

Peace at a personal, local, national, and international level can often seem an elusive concept, something that is just out of reach, fragile or difficult.

Whilst Peace might be some of these things, this course will explore how Peace can also be about having fun, unique design, and extraordinary strength. For example, what do musical festivals like Roskilde mean for peace in the world, or how can a drinking straw stop wars?

We explore and understand the systems of violence that surround us, from Racism to Ecocide, Capitalism to Xenophobia and we discover how we can revolutionise the world we live in to make it a space that everyone has the right to exist and thrive in.

In short, we will explore how to rebel, revolt, and overthrow the system in the most inclusive and radical way possible, and how to do it with a great soundtrack too!

This subject is taught in English.

Felicity Markdal

Felicity Markdal