Intercultural Learning

A hundred years ago culture was always understood as a very limited thing – either the national or the ethnical culture, and we only valued our own culture. The world has changed. Today, we live in a multicultural globalised world and encounter different cultures both at home and abroad.

Whether you go travelling in other parts of the world, plan to study or work abroad, or you work with international contacts on a daily basis, it is an advantage to be able to cooperate and communicate across different cultures. In our classes of Intercultural Learning we will try to strengthen our understanding of the intercultural differences in between people and we will learn from the backgrounds and experiences of students in the class.

Topics may be: Culture and intercultural communication, ethnicity and identity, stereotypes and categorisation, ethnical conflicts and solutions, taboos, immigration and integration, gender and cultural identity etc.

The subject is taught in English.

Adric Etheredge

Adric Etheredge