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Intersectional and Queer Theory

Our world is very often about putting people in boxes; queer or straight, rich or poor, abled or disabled, black, white, yellow or red, educated or uneducated, the list could go on and on (and yes there are so many incorrect and offensive things about these “boxes”).

Obviously, we do not, and cannot, belong to just one box, intersectional theory explores what happens when our layered identities meet the outside world, for example how is life, different for a gay white man and a queer native trans person.

Through this course we explore what these different identities might mean, for example what defines demisexual as a sexuality, or agender as an identity. Yet we are also concerned with how these identities impact our access to and acceptance from the world around us, for example looking into gay rights, immigration rights, and racialized healthcare.

Queer theory is included to offer us a radical new way of looking at the world, and how we might improve acceptance and access through queering the system. For example, what would a world without gender identifiers look like? Or full access to both physical and financial abortion?

If you wonder what all this pride and LGBTQIA+ rainbow stuff is, then come along and see what’s at the end of the rainbow!

This subject is taught in English.

Felicity Markdal

Felicity Markdal