The existential life

Experience tells us that the world is full of meaning and that a surplus of meaning can be experienced even in the most common situations of our daily life. Everyday, we find ourselves to be meaningfully attuned in different ways, and when sensing our surroundings, we somehow feel the atmosphere around us.

We all know such experiences: when visiting foreign countries and cultures, sacred sites or familiar places of our childhood. When walking in nature or when attending concerts and parties with friends. It all somehow feels meaningful. How can we conceive of such experiences? And how do they affect our lives?

This course invites you on a journey searching for the meaning of our existential life. Together, we will examine different kinds of existential experiences and try to find new ways to think of them. How do we experience situations of presence, fear and anxiety, the feeling of belonging, beauty, divinity and alienation?

During the course, we will also discuss the different kinds of experiences in the context of today’s world: Everyday, we find ourselves navigating in a supermodern world of technological development, globalized capitalism, virtual lifeforms and a disastrous ecological crisis. How do these phenomena affect our existential experiences in today’s world? How do they change our ways of being?

The course thus calls for shared philosophical reflections – on the basis of our own existential experiences.

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