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This class will be about exploring different styles of yoga, mainly with the purpose of extending our bodies physical capabilities, but also to explore how and why we connect to the people around us.

Together we will learn to sweat, as well as bend and shape ourselves in to new Asanas (Yoga for positions). You do not need to have any prior experience, but have a willingness to work hard, respect your body and extend it in ways, that might hurt for a while, but will make you feel stronger and more capable to cope with life in the future.

Normally Yoga concentrates on an inner journey, into who you are, but this class will combine traditions from around the world asking the students to explore Ubuntu and Yoga. Ubuntu is a south African tradition that philosophises, “I am, because we are”, so we will use the space together to think about the explore ideas as to how practicing Yoga can create stronger communities. Perhaps organising Yoga festivals, Yoga based dialogues and so much more.

This subject is taught in English.

Felicity Markdal

Felicity Markdal