Tour de Denmark ved vesterhavet

Study tour:


Study tour


Tour de Denmark med ude i stalden

On this study tour, the border between Denmark and Germany is our gateway into the historical and ever-present borderlands of national and ethnic identity, minorities, majorities and multiculturalism.

Over the course of 10 days we will explore the concept of borders and boundaries. The national – and physical – borders between Denmark and Germany as well as the abstract borders that separate people and cultures, land from sea, minorities from majorities.

In celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the reunification of South Jutland and Denmark we will explore the concept of borders today. We begin our journey at Løgumkloster Højskole in South Jutland where we will meet people from the German minority and learn what living in the borderlands means to them. Next stop is the Emil Nolde Museum where we examine the consequences of political borders on art – before we go on an oyster safari in the Wadden Sea and watch the black sun in the sky over the marshland. Finally, we will bake our way through the old institution of the Southern Jutlandic Coffee and Cakes table. 

Next stop Hamborg, the second-largest city in Germany. In the city we will explore the numerous hidden bordes between people from cultural minorities and majorities. How do people and cultures meet and mix?  What are your personal boundaries and can you identify those of others?

We will go on an alternative boat sightseeing tour of Hamborg, visit the the Al-Nour Mosque, that used to be a church, make our way through the autonomous district, watch street art and modern architecture and enjoy the amazing music and cultural scene of Hamborg. 

After a few busy days in the bustling city we move north to Flensborg where we will meet people from the Danish minority before we end our travels at Sønderborg castle and Dybbøl Banke to examine the history of why Denmark and Slesvig-Holstein were originally separated. And so – we come full circle at the end of the study tour.


This study tour is on the travel menu for autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

Price: DKK 4,300 incl. food, travel expences af accomodation.