Tour de Denmark ved vesterhavet

Study tour:

the lake district

Study tour

the lake district

Let’s go back to nature. On this study tour we will explore the Lake District (Søhøjlandet) at a pace that leaves room for togetherness, joy and well-being. Our adventures begin with a hike in the forests and ends on the river Gudenåen. 

Tour de Denmark med ude i stalden

Part one: We begin with a long group hike in the forests around Silkeborg. Before setting out on your adventure you will be divided into small groups where you will plan your route. Each group take separate routes to the same destination – and after five days of hiking we all reunite to exchange stories before heading out for part two of our adventure. 

Part two: It’s time to get on the waters of the beautiful lakes of Silkeborg. In canoes and kayaks we will follow the streams of the Gudenå river enjoying the varied landscapes and spend the nights at primitive campsites along the banks. After four days we arrive at the river banks below the højskole grounds.

Tour de Denmark med ude i stalden

Travel light! The weight and volume of your your backpack is essential to your hike experience. Your backpack should contain your basic personal necessities – as well as your share of your group’s equipment; tent, cooking equipment, food and camping gear.

When sailing it is not the weight of your luggage that is important – but if it is waterproof. Bring your own drybag or use the højskole’s canoe barrels.

Tour de Denmark med ude i stalden

Join us on The Lake District study tour if you are looking for an outdoor adventure filled with magical moments by the fire, singing from the treetops and spectacular views of green valleys and the water surface by your side – in the company of your new højskole friends. 


This study tour is on the travel menu for autumn 2022.

Price: DKK 1,500 incl. food.