Meet new friends

Silkeborg Højskole accommodates about 130 students
with open minds and diverse interests

Create your own schedule

We teach six main subjects and a multitude of
supplementary subjects.
Stay focused or pick and mix.

Main subjects

Your main subject allows you to explore and evolve within your specific interest in music, ceramics, art, politics, sports or outdoor life. You choose your main subject for the duration of the semester and you will have time to work on larger scale projects e.g. in theme weeks.

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Existential subjects

Existential subjects explore different aspects of human life and interaction. We aim for the students to reflect on and gain knowledge of the existential wonders of life. The list of existential subjects  is dynamic and updated each semester.

elective subjects

Elective subjects often have a practical, physical or creative scope. You may choose subjects that relate to your main subject or you can go down completely new paths exploring new talents. The list of elective subjects is dynamic and updated each semester.

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