Life at a højskole is a 24:7 adventure.

As a student at Silkeborg Højskole, you will be sharing a home with 130 young people. It might be overwhelming at first. However, you will quickly discover that because teaching and free time are intertwined, living at a højskole is something special. An exciting discussion from class might continue over lunch, and in the evening your group might meet up for an improptu rehearsal before the next music lesson.

At Silkeborg Højskole, you become part of a “we” that ebbs and flows with the rhythm of the week’s activities.

Each day begins with a morning assembly headed by  teacher or sometimes a student or goup of students. A morning assembly might revolve around a story, a current point of view, a short film, a piece of music, or something else entirely. The aim is to reflect on an aspect of life that might inspire you throughout the day.

The living room is our common area. Here you will always find students who have come together over a board game or reading newspapers. Some might try out their piano talents and a group might join in for singing, while others are practising their Danish or English skills in conversation with a fellow student.

Once a week, we all come together for a common meeting (fællesmøde) in the living room. Here, we discuss everyday life at the Højskole and adress any and all relevant issues that may arise. Both students and staff are invited to set the agenda.

All students belong to a house group (husgruppe) with an assigned contact teacher. Within this group you and your friends are assigned weekly tasks like cleaning and dishwashing. Furthermore, you meet with your house group once a week to discuss big and small matters e.g. ensuring everyone’s social well-being.

Wednesdays include cultural evenings (kulturaften) at the school. We might enjoy an evening with a well-known speaker, band, actor, or politician or reserve the evening for a themed concept like e.g. international cuisine etc.

On Friday evenings the school café is open. Students organise events and theme parties, gaming tournaments, jam sessions and poetry readings. This is the time to let lose whether dancing and partying is your thing or if you enjoy a mellower kind of fun and conversation.

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