Palaestina moske set gennem pigtråd

Study tour


Having travelled to Kenya numerous times over the years Silkeborg Højskole have built close relationships with local guides in both the metropolis of Nairobi, the slum town of Kibera and the artists’ village of Ngecha. These wonderful people will lead us safely into the heart and soul of Kenyan culture and lifestyle.

Palaestina jødisk dreng ved graedemuren

Its vivid, varied and colourful culture makes Kenya a land of contrasts. The income inequality between rich and poor is extreme – yet geographically the lives of people of all income classes intertwine in the big city of Nairobi. This is especially noticeable when you drive from one district with large houses and guards at the gate to one of the many slum areas like Kibera, where hundreds of thousands are squeezed into very few square kilometres with no water og sanitation.

Visiting the child rescue project Ndugo Mdogo (Little Brothers) we will get to know the stories of the children and their struggles and we will gain insight into the social workers’ tireless efforts to help the children out of their harsh living conditions and into school projects.

The children welcome visitors and enjoy both doing activities with us and showing us their home. Despite living in extreme poverty, the children express a zest for life that is inspiring to visitors from more privileged parts of the world.

Nairobi is bursting with creativity from young Kenyan artists, dancers and musicians. We join this creative hub of young individuals in workshops or a common project while getting to learn more about life in Nairobi.

Getting close to the people of Kenya is a priority for us. Silkeborg Højskole students have previously visited farmers and artists on small country estates, where the family’s only cow grazes and where water is fetched from a dug well. The families prepare food for us, and we hear about the ups and downs of life in a village community.

In the town Iten we will seek out some of the many hopeful young runners who see the sport as a way out of poverty. Working hard to train themselves well enough to be spotted by international talent scouts, it is the only chance for many to get out of the slums. “If all Kenyans were rich, no Kenyans would run”, they say in Kenya – so what do they dream of and what conditions are they living under? We will get closer to understanding their reality through conversation, play and sport.

The animals were there long before Nairobi and other big cities emerged. The Kenyans are rightly very proud of their unique wildlife, and in the large national parks they care to preserve the animals’ freedom and safety. We end our journey by experiencing the beautiful landscape and magnificent wildlife on a two-day safari in one of the country’s national parks, where we may spot elephants, giraffes, hippos and perhaps even a leopard or a rhinoceros if we’re lucky.





The Kenya study tour is part of the spring semester 2024.
Price: DKK 12,000 / € 1614 in autumn 2024.
The price includes traveltickets, accommodation and activities. Vaccinations and meals are not included in the price.

Travel costs on study tours abroad may increase 
Silkeborg Højskole study tours are planned well ahead. However, in the current global economic climate price setting has proven difficult. Due to the uncertainty surrounding rising transport costs, some international study tours may suffer a price increase. We aim to adapt the total costs of the study tours to the changing circumstances and any price increase will be announced well in advance of departure.