Palaestina moske set gennem pigtråd

Study tour
            new york / washington 


The next US president will be elected on November 5th 2024, so there is a lot for us to investigate when visiting New York and Washington.

Palaestina jødisk dreng ved graedemuren

We begin our tour of the US electoral landscape in the Big Apple; New York. Spending our mornings exploring the city so many of us have seen on film. We will pay a visit to the Statue of Liberty and get to know the early immigrant history of America, and we will walk the streets of Manhattan carrying the standard ‘coffee to go’ while the yellow taxis and a diverse sea of ​​people flow by. We will examine culture, music and how the USA, for better or for worse, has been the center of Western admiration for many years.

Next we set out for Washington D.C. From the Lincoln Memorial we will get a good view of the political hotspot where thousands of people have gathered throughout history. We will visit some of the most important buildings and, not least, examine how the election affects the average American. If we are lucky, we might be able to participate in an ‘Election rally’.




This study tour takes place in the autumn of 2024.

Duration: September 19 to 28.

Price: DKK 13.000 / € 1744.

The price includes travel tickets, accommodation and activities/entrances.

Travel costs on study tours abroad may increase 

Silkeborg Højskole study tours are planned well ahead. However, in the current global economic climate price setting has proven difficult. Due to the uncertainty surrounding rising transport costs, some international study tours may suffer a price increase. We aim to adapt the total costs of the study tours to the changing circumstances and any price increase will be announced well in advance of departure.

Inger Demant

Inger Demant