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Tour de Denmark med ude i stalden

Join us for a tour behind the scenes of Belgium and get to know this unique country, which, despite an area significantly smaller than Denmark’s, does not have its own language, but instead three recognized languages. It is a country that identifies more with Poland than with the Netherlands, Germany and France, from which they adopted their languages.

We will visit Antwerp and the EU capital of Brussels, and also take a detour to Cologne on the way – as we explore the local culture, language, history, food and beer.

Visiting a monastery brewery, we will learn the connection between religion and drinking culture – and perhaps get an explanation of how Belgian beer culture ended up on the UNESCO world heritage list.

In Belgium we will meet with local guides; all former students of Silkeborg Højskole who will share their experiences and views of Belgium compared to Silkeborg and Denmark.




This study trip takes place in the autumn of 2024.

September 17 to 26.

DKK 6,500 / € 872

The price includes travel tickets, accommodation and activities.

Travel costs on study tours abroad may increase 

Silkeborg Højskole study tours are planned well ahead. However, in the current global economic climate price setting has proven difficult. Due to the uncertainty surrounding rising transport costs, some international study tours may suffer a price increase. We aim to adapt the total costs of the study tours to the changing circumstances and any price increase will be announced well in advance of departure.

Simon Nielsen

Simon Nielsen