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Canada Explorer unfolds in three stages

Part 1: Travel preparations during the spring semester

As part of the preparations for your journey, you will join your travel mates in the Canada Explorer elective subject. In this class you will get insight into the history and culture of Canada as well as the different outdoor opportunities available. You may choose this Explorer trip regardless of your main subject. However, we recommend that you choose Nature and Outdoor life as your main subject as this will provide you with technical skills in e.g. sea kayaking preparing you to conquer the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Part 2: Travelling to and around Canada

We finish off the spring semester on the democracy festival; People’s Meeting on the Danish island Bornholm, before repacking and setting off for Canada. We travel by plane from Denmark to Vancouver commencing our adventure as a group.

We depart from Vancouver in minivans en route towards the activities and destinations we have decided on during the semester. Accommodation takes place primarily in tents on primitive campsites.

Returning to civilization around the city of Calgary after two weeks of outdoor adventures, we split up into smaller groups. Your teachers return to Denmark but you and your friends may choose to continue your travels.  

Part 3: Where to next?

From here you are free to explore destinations of your own choosing. You may choose to visit Montreal, Toronto and Niagara Falls? Or how about traveling to some of the USA’s many beautiful national parks? California, Mexico or Central America are certainly also within reach. The choice is yours…




Canada Explorer is offered as an extension of the spring 2025 semester.

Price: 19,500 / € 2615

The price incl. travel tickets, accommodation, food, drink, activities and possibly visa. Not included is pocket money, travel insurance and vaccinations.

You will need a range of outdoor equipment such as a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, rucksack, hiking shoes etc. for the journey. In groups, you must provide a tent and trangia. If you have nothing in advance, please expenses of at least DKK 4,000 / € 537

Travel costs on Explorer travels may increase 
Silkeborg Højskole’s Explorer trips are planned well ahead. However, in the current global economic climate price setting has proven difficult. Due to the uncertainty surrounding rising transport costs, some travels may suffer a price increase. We aim to adapt the total costs to the changing circumstances and any price increase will be announced well in advance of departure.

Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen


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