Palaestina moske set gennem pigtråd

Study trip


We arrive on the Gold Coast and explore the colonial history and developmental journey of Ghana.

Palaestina jødisk dreng ved graedemuren

Along the way we will delve into a deep-rooted West African tradition of music and dance, and we will meet with NGOs that work to improve conditions for the country’s most disadvantaged people.

Reaching the small villages of authentic, rural Ghana we will live with local families that will invite you behind the scenes of Ghana life.

Please note: Certain vaccinations are required before entry to Ghana. You must ensure that you obtain and pay for these vaccinations before you commence your stay at Silkeborg Højskole. Follow the SSI (Statens Seruminstitut) recommendations for travel over six months to Ghana. The information is in Danish.




This study trip takes place in the autumn semester 2024.

September 17 to 26.

DKK 14.000 / € 1878.

The price includes travel tickets, accommodation, food and activities. Vaccination costs are not included in the price.

Travel costs on study tours abroad may increase 
Silkeborg Højskole study tours are planned well ahead. However, in the current global economic climate price setting has proven difficult. Due to the uncertainty surrounding rising transport costs, some international study tours may suffer a price increase. We aim to adapt the total costs of the study tours to the changing circumstances and any price increase will be announced well in advance of departure.

Michael Rasmussen

Michael Rasmussen