Sports and Water Sports

The joy of movement ~ motion ~ exercise

Are you hooked on sports on land or at sea – or do you wish to get a real hang of it?

Do you want to improve your physical condition and develop your body and mind?

If yes, this is the subject for you! It is all about intensity, challenge, play and movement. You will develop athletic skills, put your body to a challenge and experience the joy of movement and a joint community of interests with other young people. There is room for everyone no matter if you have little or lots of experience with sports. The main subject focuses on four courses, but we will some weeks offer other activities and day trips away from the school.

Cross sports

offers physically challenging activities in the nature surrounding us; mountain bike, orienteering race, sea kayaking and adventure race. We focus on mastering the technique and then we speed up the tempo.

Water sports

offers traditional and alternative activities in our own swimming pool; swimming, kayak polo, springboard diving, free diving, synchronized swimming, free play and ball games. We work with four fundamental skills – balance, breathing technique, change of element and movement.

Ball games

offers games and experiments with the ball and puts the interaction between the players in the centre: f.ex. beach volley, basketball and other “funny and twisted” ball games. We work with the team, communicate and discuss and develop and create new games. All whilst we have fun and keep up the intensity.

Core training

fokuses on the body’s capacity and how we can improve it through various types of strength and fitness training. We work out on the fitness training machines and dumbbells, crossfit, circle training, dance, yoga etc. We work with motivation and setting goals and give you the opportunity to defining your own goals and working towards it throughout your stay at the school.

The school’s sports facilities

Silkeborg Højskole has all the facilities we need. We have our own 25 metre swimming pool with a 1 and a 3 metre springboard. We have a gym that we use for ball games, core training and other physical activities. The school has its own fitness room with fitness training machines and dumbbells. The large lawn, which surrounds our buildings opens up for play, ball games and core training activities. Last but not least, we enjoy the magnificent nature of Silkeborg and the Lake District right outside our door, where forests and lakes invite us to explore the nature.

Main subjects are primarily taught in Danish. However, relevant English translation will be provided for international students.

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Peter Ravn

Peter Ravn


Dan Halkiær Andreasen

Dan Halkiær Andreasen