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Welcome to Silkeborg Højskole

Silkeborg Højskole is located in the heart of Jutland, amid the beautiful lake district known as Det midtjyske Søhøjland. Surrounded by small streams, lakes and forests, this modern Danish Folk High School welcomes students from different geographical and cultural backgrounds every term, considering international participation to be an important aspect of our dna.

A Danish folk high school is an adult boarding school that provides a social community and highly skilled teachers. Here, curiosity and desire replace grades and exams. Expertise in the subjects is important, but the community and what we create together are just as important. As a student here, you will have a chance to experience and explore fundamental aspects of life.

Silkeborg Højskole is a free space that encourages independent thinking
while valuing the perspectives of others.

Højskole is something we do together. We live, eat, sing, discuss, try, fail, succeed and celebrate together. Højskole life is an exercise in responsibility and community; in opening up opportunities for each other and for the society we are a part of.

When you walk out the front door on your final day at Silkeborg Højskole, you will hopefully be thankful for the community you have become part of; the friends you have made and the educational journey you have experienced in the previous four months.

We hope you will have realised that at the højskole life was not about being useful or perfect, or about skills and grades or your productive value to society. Instead, it was about exploring and challenging what it means to be a human being in a society with possibilities as well as shortcomings.


Dare to fail
Do not be scared to make mistakes. It is an inevitable part of developing new skills and getting to know yourself. A højskole stay is a time for you to test new ideas and try new things. You do not need to be good at anything – it is more important to challenge yourself and venture outside your comfort zone from time to time.

The values we work from
Silkeborg Højskole was established in 1969 gifted by FDF to the youth of Denmark. FDF is an independent and voluntary part of the youth work of the Danish national church, and the values of Silkeborg Højskole are thus rooted in a humanitarian belief system.

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