Højskole facilities 

Silkeborg Højskole offers endless opportunities for social life as well as creative, intellectual, athletic and musical expression. Below you can browse through the photo galleries and take a closer look at our faclities and surroundings.

Student Accommodation

The student rooms are furnished in a scandinavian minimalistic style with two beds, a desk, lockable cabinets, shelves and a pin board. Each room has a sink and a mirror. Separate showers and WCs are located in the corridors opposite the rooms.

All rooms have a nice view of Silkeborg Langsø and green areas. There are two beds in each room, and international students will be assigned a Danish roomate. 

Common Areas

The dining room sets the framework for the daily meals, while the soft inviting furniture of the living room provides space for relaxation and conversation. When the sun is out, the lawn facing the lake becomes the perfect setting for games and sports.

You will also find a ever-expanding collection of art pieces around the Højskole,  as well as a big and a small assembly hall (both with grand pianos), a library, cozy movie room, a pool table, board games and our café with an arcade machine and a brewery at the bar.

Music Rooms

Our music facilities include two rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, a sound studio and a music hall.

art Atelier and Ceramics room

If you are interested in art, you will find that Silkeborg Højskole offers you the space and facilities to make your creative ideas come to life. Art is an important part of our school and in every room you will find pieces from our extensive art collection that may inspire you in your work. 

Sport Facilities

If movement, excercise and action is your thing, there are plenty possibilities to stretch out in the swimming pool, sports hall and fully equipped fitness room. Outside, you will find a football field and a beach volleyball field. Furthermore, you have the option of borrowing a kayak or mountain bike to go explore the tracks and trails surrounding the højskole.

Sustainable Outdoor House

Our outdoor house provides a sustainable and perfect setting for our main subject Nature & Outdoor Life as well as various outdoor-based electives such as canoes and craftsmanship among others. The achitectur has gained international acclaim by Wallpaper magazine among others. The outside provides for activities as well; enjoy an evening by the bonfire or prepare a meal in the outdoor kitchen. 

The great Outdoors awaits you 

Silkeborg Højskole is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Denmark; Søhøjlandet. During your stay, we invite you to experience the outdoors; hiking in the countryside, cooking over a fire and spending the night under the stars in our outdoor shelters or taking a dip in lake and enjoy the sauna afterwards.

Indoor pool

At Silkeborg Højskole we have our own indoor pools; a large and a small swimming pool as well as two saunas in connection with both women’s and men’s changing rooms.

The large swimming pool is 25 x 12.5 meters. It slopes from 4 to 1.2 meters in depth. Off the deep end you will find a 1-metre and a 3-metre springboard.

The small swimming pool is a warm water pool that measures 12.5 x 6 meters. It slopes from 0.8 to 0.5 meters.

We maintain a high level of pool sanitation to ensure a stable water quality of a safe pH level.

Culture in Silkeborg

Silkeborg High School is located midst the unique landscape of Søhøjlandet. Streams, lakes, forests and heather-covered hills surround the school, and the old barge path, Trækstien, along the Gudenå River leads straight into the outdoors.

In the centre of Silkeborg, you can find train and bus connections, shops and many cultural institutions that are worth a visit; e.g. Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Galerie Moderne or Museum Jorn.

However, you don’t have to go on a long excursion to experience great art. Everywhere at the højskole you will find paintings, graphic works, tapestries, drawings, paper art and sculptures and just outside the windows, the art tower Vendepunktet invites you to rest and reflect while enjoying the beautiful view of Silkeborg Langsø.

One of the most famous parts of Søhøjlandet is Himmelbjerget; one of the highest natural points in the Danish landscape. Hjejlen, the world’s oldest original coal-fired steamer in operation, can take you there.

Silkeborg Højskole

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