meals at silkeborg højskole

The daily meals are an important part of højskole life and a social activity we enjoy every day.

As a student at Silkeborg Højskole, you are served healthy, tasty and varied food options prepared from good ingredients and made from scratch without additives or food colourants.

We follow the official dietary advice, which highlights a primarily vegetarian diet. Thus our menu offers a host of vegetarian and vegan delights packed with plant protein and taste. We serve the reccomended 350g of meat weekly per person but prioritize 2-3 meat-free days a week. 

When choosing suppliers, we focus on the climate footprint of produce as well. We plan the menu according to seasonal ingredients, shop locally to the extent possible (providing it is financially sustainable) and focus on minimizing food waste.

At Silkeborg Højskole we serve food six times a day.

Breakfast may consist of a selection of homemade sourdough bread, cheese, homemade jam, yoghurt, oatmeal, chia pudding, cornflakes, homemade muesli and sprinkles, fruit and vegetables, porridge, toppings, peanut butter, rye bread and beer porridge, soft-boiled eggs and various cold cuts. There is always coffee, tea, (plant) milk and ice water.

Lunch is served as a buffet and may consist of hearty dishes, fish, two or three different salads, home-baked (rye) bread, different types of cold meats and tapenade, fruit and vegetables.

Dinner is a hot meal, which is served at the tables. We cook from a vegetarian starting point with plenty of grain and green salads, raw food, root and green vegetables. Supplements may be pasta, rice or potatoes as well as meat, fish or poultry. Appetizers or desserts are served on special occasions.

Fruits and snacks between meals may be fruit and vegetables, bread and occasionally cake or other sweet treats. There is also coffee, tea and iced water three times a day.

We will do our best to accommodate medically or religiously based dietary needs.

When registering, please inform us of any allergies and the extent of the considerations they may require. Please note, that as a højskole kitchen, we are not equipped to take into account life-threatening allergies, for example, severe celiac disease, where utensils must not have been in contact with gluten.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about our handling of specific diets.

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