What is a Danish folk high school?

A famous – although unattributed – saying about what you learn at a Danish folk high school goes like: “I don’t know what I have learned, but I’ll never forget it”. At the same time most people will tell you that the concept of a Danish folk high school cannot really be explained, but must be experienced. It is inexplicable. And while that is not particularly helpful, we know, it probably says something important about the peculiar kind of school which is the Danish folk high school.
The Danish folk high school is a unique informal kind of school with no grades, no exams and no formalised objective other than provide meaningful learning experiences for you together with others. It combines challenging classes with that of a rich social life that continues 24-7. It is about making you forget that you are here to learn by making you engage in every learning experience in manner that you’ve never tried before; whether it is in a class room, on sea kayaking, hiking in nature, using your hands or mind. We told you: Inexplicable.
A stay at a Danish folk high school is an intense learning experience for life.

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