The subject Art talk centers around art and Man; how human kind is portrayed or reflected in art.

Working with art history, individual works of art, artistic periods and artists, we explore what art teaches us of what it is like to be human – then and now.

Teaching circles on philosophical topics such as love, society, class differences, faith and doubt. Examples could be:

Abstract and academic art: What basic considerations and philosophical motivations underlie constructivist, non-figurative and abstract works of art?

Biographical art: How does the artist portray his life experiences in his/her art?

Depictions of nature: What can we learn about the landscape from art – naturalistically as well as emotionally?

We will reflect on important eras in art history, and using philosophical approaches and texts we will explore human life through works of art.

This subject is taught in Danish. However, relevant translation will be provided for international students.

Jan Hamborg Lundum

Jan Hamborg Lundum

Vice principal / Teacher