To philosophize is to wonder. If you think you know all the answers – look closer. If you take the time to stop and think about life, it’s fundamentally strange, and fundamentally thought-provoking.

In the subject Philosophy, we spend very little time talking about the lives of philosophers and the history of philosophy. Instead, we philosophize. About the fundamental questions that are both timeless as well as eternally valid in your life right now. Philosophizing is something you practice. And practice makes perfect.

We will reflect on questions within the concepts of anxiety, despair, aesthetics, ethics, eroticism, guilt, shame, God and love. Using the philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard as our focal point, our discussions will touch upon moral philosophy, the history of ideas, theology of existence, psychology and sociology.

Each week we will take on a new central theme – based on original texts and updated and concretized through the large mythological universes of Disney and Pixar movies. The ultimate goal is to evoke the existential aha! moments, where time stands still and you realize that philosophy is about … you.

This subject is taught in English.

Christian Hjortkjær

Christian Hjortkjær