Sea kayak / Kayak polo

The optional subject Sea kayak and Kayak polo is taught both indoors and outdoors depending on the everchanging weather conditions in Denmark. During the semester you will get “a taste” of both chlorine water, freshwater and seawater kayaking making you equipped to deal with both waves and heavy wind.

On cooler days we will enjoy the indoor pool facilities at the højskole and practice the team sport kayak polo which is both technically and physically challenging – as well as heaps of fun.

When the water temperature in Silkeborg reaches 10°C we will venture onto the lake Silkeborg Langsø.

The sea kayak is well known for its stability and quality engineering and it is the perfect vessel for exploring the lakes around Silkeborg. Sea kayaking is also an action packed and dynamic activity and requires a technical skill set of e.g. capsizing, balance, paddle techniques and rescuing which we will practice during the semester.

This subject is taught in Danish. However, relevant translation will be provided for international students.