Singing with guitar

Højskolesangbogen (The blue folk high school songbook) is the most widely used songbook in Denmark. In this subject, we use it in a slightly unconventional way. The sheet music is written to be played on the piano, but group singing can just as well take place around a campfire accompanied by guitar.

We will decipher and simplify the original sheet music into guitar friendly versions through various musical tools such as transposition, simplification and omission of chords, the use of a guitar capo, etc. These may be foreign concepts to you – and that is okay. The guitar lessons are based on basic, simple exercises and tools.

In this subject we will also explore the history of the folk high school songbook. Where does it come from, why was it published and why has the piano become the accompaniment instrument of choice? What is the role and history of the campfire guitar; which traditions is it part of, and why has it not gained ground in e.g. the high school songbook?

We will also explore the culture of group singing and the poetic side of the songs, just as we will try to understand the different contexts in which we sing together. For example, what is the difference between group singing around the campfire and in the school assembly hall? What musical norms and rules apply, and how do you ensure that people have a good experience and actively sing along?

This subject is taught in Danish. However, relevant translation will be provided for international students.

Asker Bjørk Hansen

Asker Bjørk Hansen