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Social entrepreneurship

Einstein always used to say that a problem cannot be fixed with the same thinking that created it, and that is precisely what we will explore in this course; how to think differently, how to act differently and how to be different, through the tools and practices of Social Entrepreneurship.

We will explore what is meant by social, who is automatically included in the “group” and how we can become more aware and more inclusive to those who are not automatically assumed to be part of “society”.  For example, looking at the position of immigrants, indigenous persons and people who are disabled.

Leading on from this we will explore how to innovate, looking at creative thinking as promoted by thinkers like Edward de Bono and Michael Michalko amongst others. Basically, it will be like taking your creative brain to the gym to get it pumped up to be able to think differently and act differently.

Finally, we will add in business skills to see how we can make our ideas self-sustaining, exploring ideas like Effectual entrepreneurship, the business model canvas and project management.

This subject is taught in English.

Simon Stagis

Simon Stagis