The capitalists

In the subject The Capitalists, we will learn about the, to many people, rather confusing and unmanageable world of finance. What is a share? Where are my pension funds until I need it? Why were there a rise in the market value (the shares) during a global pandemic? What is cryptocurrency and how do you invest? And should you?

We set out to buy fictitious shares via aktiespillet.dk, which is a free online share game where you trade for fictitious money, but based on the current rates and markets. Here you buy and sell just like in “real life” and you may follow your share portfolio from day to day and hour to hour.

During the semester, we are in regular contact with a professional stock analyst who will teach us how to make analyze listed companies, so that you may make the best possible decisions on the stock market.

We explore the financial structures from several perspectives from the historical origins of money right from the first barter economies, the first coins and notes, the crash in 1929 and the resulting restructuring – and right up to today. We include historical, societal, sociological and psychological perspectives on the mental aspect of trading shares, and from a philosophical and ethical approach we discuss the concept of value; Is it, for example, ok to invest in a fossil share if this is where the profit is expected to be greatest?

This subject is taught in Danish. However, relevant translation will be provided for international students.

Jonas Borsøe Christensen

Jonas Borsøe Christensen