Game Theory

The good life

In this subject we will explore the question: What is a good life? A simple question – that offers a host of different answers. Numerous self-help books and online life guides offer quick fixes – but in this subject we take our time to reflect and test what the concept of a good life means to each of us.

In each lesson we will explore a new theme and we look for answers to questions like: Why choose to be a career person? How important are personal relationships in our life? What is slow living? Do we need religion in our lives? Is a healthy body necessary to have a good life, and when does the focus on health become a hindrance to happiness?

During the semester we will meet people with strong beliefs on what a good life entails and we will reflect on the different perspectives offered to us and discuss and explore our own personal recipies of the good life.

This subject is taught in English.

Thomas Hundebøll

Thomas Hundebøll