House Rules

Silkeborg Højskole will be your home and as such, we want all our students to feel safe and welcome. We aim to ensure an open, trusting and tolerant environment, free from prejudice, where everyone can feel at home regardless of nationality or personal background. Upon arrival, we will hand over our code of conduct and talk it through with all of you.


Attendance is mandatory at morning assemblies, teaching, joint evenings, outdoor trips etc.  We can only create a good fellowship when everybody contributes. Participation in social events and scheduled lessons is equally important as work and spare time are closely connected.

Absence and exemption from lessons
Silkeborg Højskole is subject to the Ministry of Culture, and we are required by law to offer a certain amount of teaching per week. Absence is only admissible in legitimate cases e.g. in connection with illness, visits to a doctor, educational visits, special family occasions or funerals. Exemption may be granted upon agreement with the Vice Principal

Drinking alcohol is not allowed at the school on weekdays. On Friday and Saturday evenings and at special events, you may buy beer, wine etc. in the school café.

You are responsible for keeping your room tidy and clean. Students also contribute to the welfare of the community by performing certain simple housekeeping duties. Therefore, you and your house group will also be responsible for regularly cleaning an area of the school.

Any use of hash and narcotics leads to expulsion.

For the first month after your arrival, personal guests are not allowed at the højskole, as we aim to focus our efforts on creating a close-knit student group.
To a limited extent, a month after your arrival you are welcome to invite guests to visit you at the højskole on the weekend. All guests must be registered with the office staff no later than two days prior to the guests’ arrival.

Guest prices

  • Breakfast 40 DKK
  • Brunch/Lunch 60 DKK
  • Dinner 60 DKK
  • Overnight stay in student room 25 DKK
  • Overnight stay guest  room 125 DKK
  • Bedding package 60 DKK ( Pillow, duvet, bed linen and two towels)

Peace and quiet
Out of respect for your fellow students, quiet hours in the corridors are from 11:00 pm on weekdays. You may of course still hang out with your friends in the common areas or outside after this time. However, loud music must not be played outside after 10:00 pm.

Smoking is limited to the outdoor area next to the café.

Your actions as students and our overall actions as a school are important – not just to our shared experience but to the community we are part of. At Silkeborg Højskole, we continuously focus on both environmental and social sustainability. Learn more about the sustainability approach here.

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is open for scheduled lessons and early morning swims three days a week. You may use the pool whenever there is a lifeguard present.

Weekend Programme
The weekends are yours to spend your time as you please. However, the teacher on duty and the cultural committee often plan various weekend activities throughout the semester and you can choose to take part in those events or just relax and rewind with your friends or perhaps go home to visit family.

Teaching Style


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House Rules